East Indian Clay Mask Powder

East Indian Clay Mask Powder

Best on Skin Type: Normal to Oily


What does it do?

Our 100% Natural East Indian Clay mask is excellent for helping to lift dead skin, remove dark marks and acne scars, and clarify the skin while reducing excess oil.


Main Ingredient Benefit:

Sandalwood is natures antiseptic with powerful acne fighting strength. It also helps to reduce inflammation from skin irritations while combating wrinkles with it’s anti-aging properties.


**Reminder: Don't forget your MáJas East Indian Clay Mask Activator**


Directions for Use:

1. In a separate dish take a quarter sized amount

2. Add MáJas Clay Mask Activator – ½ to 1 pump

3. Mix until a thick paste is made

4. Apply mask to face, neck, and any areas needed

5. Wait 30 mins.

6. Rinse off all areas mask was applied to with cold water

7. Wash all areas mask was used on with Májas Clarifying Face Soap

8. Air dry or pat dry

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