Enriching Mask & Butter Box Set

Enriching Mask & Butter Box Set

1 Clarifying & Glow Enhancing Face Mask x 1 Whipped Body Butter - Vanilla (low fragrance) x 1 Whipped Body Butter - Pink Grapefruit


1.  Clarifying & Glow Enhancing Face Mask


What does it do? This mask has a dual function. It will not only help to clear you skin and fight hyperpigmentation; it will also enhance your glow!


Main Ingredient Benefit: Turmeric is a natural antiseptic which is excellent for fighting acne and keep the bacteria in your skin from spreading. It also helps to reduce redness and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.


Directions for Use:

1. Wash face using MáJas Clarifying Face & Body Soap

2. Dry face

3. Apply product to face covering all areas except eye (cover eyelids), nostrils, and lips Wait 15mins (light skin tones) – Wait 45mins (darker skin tones)

4. Wash off face with MáJas Clarifying Face & Body Soap

5. Dry face & you’re all set!


2.  Whipped Body Butters


What does it do? Whipped body butter is a bit heavier than lotion, as all body butters should be. Our whipped body butter is creamy and made with natural ingredients to fully penetrate and moisturize the skin! It’s the perfect addition to your morning & bedtime routine to keep your skin hydrated.


Main Ingredient Benefit: Raw Shea butter not only acts as an anti-inflammatory which is excellent on the body. It also, has a high concentration of vitamins & fatty-acids which is perfect for softening, moisturizing, and toning your skin.


Directions for Use:

1. Apply MáJas Whipped Body Butter sparingly to dry skin using your hands

2. Rub continuously until MáJas Whipped Body Butter has been absorbed into your skin

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    2 Whipped Body Butters  2oz

    Clarifying & Glow Enhancing Face Mask 2oz

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